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Jay Fitzpatrick

Session Guitarist & Tutor.

Electric Setup 2018

From January 2018, I have began using and touring with the magnificent Line 6 Helix. Together with an Alto TS210 FRFR Speaker, this creates a fantastic, studio quality sound at every event I play. They are extremely versatile, and they sound fantastic - to purchase this unit please click

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Fender USA Telecaster (Natural Ash) FSR Model

Fender Classic Player 50's Stratocaster (Sunburst) with Eric Johnson Signature Pickups

Fender Baja Telecaster

Fender Esquire (Custom build)

Epiphone ES 339


Line 6 Helix Effects Unit

Alto TS210 FRFR Active Speaker

Boss TU3

Jim Dunlop Jazz III XL Guitar Plectrums


Line 6 G75 & AKG Wireless Systems

Shure PSM300 Wireless In Ear Monitor System

Shure SE215 Monitors






Taylor 214CE Acoustic Guitar


LogJam StompBox

Meinl Foot Tambourine

Boss TU3 Guitar Tuner


G7th Capos

Jim Dunlop Jazz III XL Guitar Plectrums





MacBook Pro Retina 13"

Focusrite Scarlett & Presonus Interfaces

Shure SM57 & AKG Microphones

Nikon D3200 & GoPro Hero 6 Cameras

KRK & M Audio Monitors

Line 6 Helix

Fender Jazz Bass

Mapex MARS Crossover Kit with Paiste 2002 Hi Hats, Paiste Signature

and Sabian AAX Series Cymbals

Gibraltar Hardware


Acoustic Setup 2018..

Recording Setup 2018